Scheduled Maintenance #0106 (completed)

by majidemo on Jun 02, 2017 - 11:58 AM CST

This maintenance was completed on 12:01 PM CDT.



Today we will have a long maintenance (4 hours) to fix/implement the following:

  • Adjust cut delay speed.
  • Return original assassin cut speed.
  • Temporarily remove quests.
  • Restore the 1st batch of deleted accounts.
  • Fix "lost" guild bug.
  • Fix "premium item set50" contents not showing after right-click.
  • Implement improvement to make Character loading faster on login.
  • System back-up restore point.
  • Removing some guard in Khara Map

You might be wondering how is this scheduled when it wasn't announced in advance: Well, we have just found out that some people are exploiting the time we announce for a restart to situationally dupe some items just before server restart/close. While we haven't fixed that exploit we'll have to do surprise restarts.


Thank you for your understanding. Server will be back online 4 hours after this post.


Blaze GM Team