A Call to Arms

by majidemo on Dec 27, 2017 - 10:37 PM PST

Hello Khanatics,


This is a call to arms to all guilds. Join the BvG event!


What is BvG?

BvG or Bots vs Guilds (last bot standing) is a new event that we will be testing. There will be lots of rewards and any guild can join, as long as they pay the fee. (fee tba)

How does this work?

Each participating guild will have a corresponding botGM with the same name as their guild. The guild with the last botGM standing wins!

What are botGM?

They are GM characters but are controlled by robots in an automated way. These bots have AI to make decisions based on their current situations.

What will the botGM do?

They will automatically attack, buff, heal, and at times change class or equipments if necessary. So the offensive guilds must plan their strategies accordingly. 

How long will this event run?

The botGM's will spawn and fight for 1 week straight or until only 1 botGM is left.



4 guilds participated, namely:

  • GuildWarers
  • Sproket
  • Mamsa
  • Kegs

4 botGM's will spawn. If [bot]-Kegs is the last bot left in the field then the guild Kegs wins the event. It's that simple. 



  • PK is allowed
  • Drops are free loot
  • more rules soon 

More information will be provided soon... Please wait for further announcements...