GM Wish List 2018

by ladycharm on Jan 31, 2019 - 3:23 PM PST



Wish List items for this year, are 140+18 set (Of Choice) and Infernal Weapon+18 (Of Choice). Below is the List of GM's for this year wish list


1 - GM SidVicious sold to (Gamot33 Priest Set+18 and english Steam Server Infernal Axe+18)

2 - GM Tugrik sold to (Payne Ether Set+18 and Infernal Clevear+18)

3 - GM Bhober sold to (SkyFlakeS cherub set+18 and Wolverine Steam Server Infernal Axe+18)

4 - GM Majid sold to (Intelinside cherub set +18 and Sunflame infernal wand +18)

5 - GM ladycharm sold to (english Steam Server Cherubim set+18 and Adams Infernal wand+18)

 6  - GM Jogler04 sold to (KiLLiNGMachinE Thorny Rose Set+18 and MIYAZAKI Infernal Wand+18)


If you want to buy the wish list items. Kindly send your offer to GM SidVicious in the game or on Facebook.
We will be posting here the charname of all the players who bought the wish list.


Note: Available to both Blaze and Steam Server.