Emergency Maintenance #221 (completed)

by majidemo on Feb 23, 2017 - 7:59 PM PST



First of all we'd like to apologize for the long and sudden maintenance. 



Last week, just like blaze, we started a long maintenance for the Steam Server to set it up for the upcoming update alongside blaze.


One of the things we did was review player data. This is where we noticed some weird behavior from some characters. Upon further investigation, a process which took a long time, we concluded that those players were exploiting a bug. This is clearly in violation of our terms so all those involved were permanently banned.


I won't go into detail about the bug but it is the kind of bug that is Gameplay Breaking so fixing it was our number one priority. After fixing it for Steam we also included the fix for blaze. But fixing it isn't enough, we also needed to find out if anyone on Blaze used it and ban them.


While running some scripts that help with the detection of the bug I noticed someone was abusing it at that moment. I panicked and closed the server to stop further damage.


Long story short, it took a long time to find all the abusers and once found we just deleted their accounts along with their characters.



Due to the sudden closing of the server some players that were online at that time might experience a small rollback. If you're one of those players, please open a report now.



We will be manually giving out compensation for those who had a running bonus (days duration amulet) at the time the server was down. 


Again we are very sorry about that incident and we have put in place better detection to avoid similar incidents in the future.


Blaze GM Team