New Fame Reward

by ladycharm on Feb 28, 2019 - 1:15 PM CST



With the new updates of +19 to +21 items. We decided to revise the fame reward as per below fame.

110k fame = level 170+19 (weapon are level 170 Axe, Bow, Staff and Dagger only)
170k fame = level 170+20 (weapon are level 170 Axe, Bow, Staff and Dagger only)
250k fame = level 170+21 (weapon are level 170 Axe, Bow, Staff and Dagger only)

If you already claimed the reward for 110k in order to get the above reward you need to surrender the previous reward weapon. Fame reward weapon is forever bind with the character.
Fame reward weapon can be exchanged to other weapons for 3 times only.


To claim your reward. Kindly inform us at


Note: LD fame reward was totally removed. Those LD players with fame reward weapon can exchange their reward with the new 170 weapon (Can be exchange later when you decided to level up). Those High Level with existing fame reward weapon from 150+19 to 150+21. You can exchange your 150+19 to 150+21 reward weapon with the new 170+19 to 170+21 weapon. Just file a request at the site and make sure you have the required fame from the old fame reward (90k fame for +19, 110k fame for +20 and 170k fame for +21). Level 170 weapons are for fame reward only. If you can't use the 170 weapon due to high stats, you can still use your old weapon and you can request later once you already reached the stats of the 170 weapon.


Fame reward weapon when dropped is not a free loot. Kindly report it immediately to our site :