UPDATE 488 New Dragon Pendant

by ladycharm on Apr 07, 2019 - 12:22 PM PST



Today we released update 488. It will be provided through the Khan Auto-Patcher (upgrade.exe) but is also available as a full client installer through the DOWNLOAD GAME button found here on the website.



  • New Dragon Pet 
    • Green Dragonic Essence      -    Defense (Level 1-99)        Drops in Mar and Boracay Map
    • Black Dragonic Essence       -    Attack (Level 1-99)           Drops in Mar and Boracay Map (Included in the Charkit)
    • Gold Dragonic Essence        -    Storage (Level 100-Up)     Drops in Sib2, Sib3 and Shang-tu Map
    • Orange Dragonic Essence    -    Defense (Level 100-Up)    Drops in Sib2, Sib3 and Shang-tu Map
    • Red Dragonic Essence          -    Attack (Level 100-Up)      Drops in Sib2, Sib3 and Shang-tu Map
    • White Elder Dragonic Relic -     Storage (Level 100-Up)    For Fame Rank 1 Only
  • Added new Non-PVP channel
  • Remove Killer at the site will become Hero.
  • Become Killer at the site will become Super red/killer.



Tell us what you think about the updates through the reports system. More updates are coming very soon.