Fame Reward Set+19 to Set+21

by ladycharm on Jun 13, 2019 - 11:59 PM PST



Due to the lots of requests. We decided to put the set+19 to +21 as fame reward.
Below are the requirements.

Low Level:

300k fame = level 100 below Set+19 of choice
400k fame = level 100 below Set+20 of choice
500k fame = level 100 below Set+21 of choice

High Level:

300k fame = level 130 & below Set+19 of choice
400k fame = level 130 & below Set+20 of choice 
500k fame = level 130 & below Set+21 of choice


To claim your reward. Kindly inform us at https://blazekhan.com

NOTE: To get the higher reward you need to surrender the previous reward. Weapon fame reward is separate from set fame reward.