Tugrik Purchase Update

by majidemo on Jul 25, 2019 - 10:36 AM CST

Hello Khanatics,


On our last announcement we have said that we will no longer be accepting Padala payments in favor of GCash. But GCash has proven to be a headache. So we've decided to keep the other Padala methods but this time we've partnered with Coins.PH to automate the process.


Before, if you wanted to purchase tugrik you have to first go to the padala branch and send money to Bob then go to the website and fill up. Now, it's completely difference and we will no longer be honoring the old payment process.



Now, the first thing you need to do is fill up on the site. You only need to provide a payment method (ie. Palawan Pawnshop) and the amount. After you submit the payment method and amount you will be given a reference number and a set of instructions. Just follow the instructions and you'll be good.


After doing your payment with your selected payment method. You have to do 2 more things. Right after doing the payment, click the CHECK button on the Cash In History. If the payment was successfully processed the CHECK button will turn to a CLAIM button and once you click CLAIM the tugrik will be added to your account.



Palawan Pawnshop - 1,000

  1. Select Payment Method
  2. Input amount
  3. Press Next Step button

  1. Read and follow the instructions carefully
  2. Make the payment before the expire time
  3. After actual payment click the CHECK button to check if your payment was approved

  1. If status is Approved click CLAIM
  2. You will now receive your Tugrik points