Web Session Management

by majidemo on Feb 25, 2017 - 10:01 PM CST



Yesterday we received a report that sessions on other browsers are not forgotten even when you have changed your password on one browser. (thanks oTheAvataro)


Take this scenario for instance:

  • Player A is selling his account as a scam.
  • Player B buys it and changes the password and email.
  • Player A changes the password and email to something else.
  • Player B can't open the account anymore.

This happens because the browser of Player A still remembers the session (meaning still logged in) so he still has access to the account settings to change the password. We actually banned someone a few days ago for very similar reasons.


But today that scenario won't work anymore. When you change your password all the sessions on the different browsers you are already logged-in will be forgotten (logged-out).


Now, you can also manage all your active sessions. Review the sessions and if you think there is something that looks suspicious just disconnect it out by clicking the logout button. You can also see from which country the session originated with the flag shown.


We are confident that this tool will help everyone have better security on their accounts. You can find it at your Account Settings:



Blaze GM Team