Server Update #228

by majidemo on Mar 01, 2017 - 5:10 AM CST




Last week we noticed something on the logs of khan. A certain unknown skill was being spammed (cut). While investigating I followed a certain character in Mist Iron Prison, it was a sorcerer and he was using a low level skill to hunt mobs and I thought to myself "oh, it was just a cut on mobs" so I left it at that.


Today we received a lot of complaints about that skill being used in PvP with cut. 


The restart at 3PM (Manila Time) today was to implement a fix. The updated detection now include the detection of the Lightning skill so using it for PvP cut shouldn't work anymore.


Cut in PvP is a grave offense, and is against the rule. We will do our best to punish those who are found guilty. Evidence against abusers are welcome and will greatly help in hammering down those who broke the rule.



Since the new website has been online everyone is expected to verify their email address or they can't login in-game. One of the issues was the client prompted that the user was banned even though they just didn't verify their email yet. Today we have fixed this. The prompt is now correct and should no longer cause confusion.




Blaze GM Team