Bakbakhan Guide

by majidemo on May 23, 2020 - 10:54 AM PST

Hello Khanatics,

This guide is for the Guild Leaders and Guild Members participating in Bakbakhan.


Check In

Check-in or forever hold your peace.

You must check in at the given check in time or you won't be able to join any game for the day. In the case of a Leader not being able to check in all the guild's matches for the day are lost.

Go to the war page and click CHECK IN.


Step 1


When your guild is called on the 5 minute timer. It means you need to prepare as the fight will start very soon.


Step 2

Get Ready!

Within the 5 minute timer once your guild is prepared go to the war page and click ready if you are ready.


Step 3

Enter the Arena!

At the 1 minute mark this will be your final chance to get ready. As soon as the 1 minute is over, ready or not, all participants will be teleported to the Battle Field.


Step 4

Hajime! War begin!

When inside the arena you cannot move because the round is frozen.
Both leaders will need to click the start button for the round to commense.


Step 5

The deadliest deadline.

Once the first round begins, you are given 30 minutes to finish all BO3 rounds. 


Step 6

Just another round.

You will have to repeat step 2, and 4 for each round.


Note: Rounds 2 and/or 3 will not have a timer. As soon as the previous round is completed the next one can start immediately.