Super POWER Balls

May 25, 2020 - 3:30 AM CST


How do you like your balls? Cold? Warm? or SUPER POWERED UP!? 

To celebrate the success of Bakbakhan 2020 we are introducing a new event called SUPER POWER BALLS. Any ki or exp balls consumed during this time will give you more than the usual powers.

Here are the rewards of the boring old NORMAL BALLS:

Crystal of Sun

EXP 4,160
Crystal of Astral EXP 15,200
Crystal of Star EXP 23,200
Crystal of Cloud EXP 40,000
Crystal of Sky EXP 80,000
Crystal of Venus EXP 160,000
Crystal of Mars EXP 720,000
Crystal of Jupiter EXP 1,192,000
Crystal of Mercury EXP 1,992,000
Firesoul Ball KI 48,000
Darksoul Ball KI 96,000
Devil Imperial Ball KI 192,000
Black Dragon Ball KI 400,000
Redmoon Ball KI 400,000
Crashed Ball of refuge KI 200,000
Dragon Cintmani of God KI 3,600,000
Dragon Cintmani of Heaven KI 5,960,000
Reddragon Cintmani KI 9,600,000


Now here are the new rewards with SUPER POWER BALLS:

Crystal of Sun EXP 41,600
Crystal of Astral EXP 152,000
Crystal of Star EXP 232,000
Crystal of Cloud EXP 400,000
Crystal of Sky EXP 800,000
Crystal of Venus EXP 1,600,000
Crystal of Mars EXP 7,200,000
Crystal of Jupiter EXP 11,920,000
Crystal of Mercury EXP 19,920,000
Firesoul Ball KI 480,000
Darksoul Ball KI 960,000
Devil Imperial Ball KI 1,920,000
Black Dragon Ball KI 4,000,000
Redmoon Ball KI 4,000,000
Crashed Ball of refuge KI 2,000,000
Dragon Cintmani of God KI 36,000,000
Dragon Cintmani of Heaven KI 59,600,000
Reddragon Cintmani KI 96,000,000



event will run from 24/05 7PM until 25/05 12MN. (exactly 5 hours)