Mass Banning: Dupe

by majidemo on Apr 08, 2017 - 2:40 PM CST



For a few weeks now we have been monitoring players duping items. But the problem was we didn't know the process. After carefully logging and monitoring the activities we were finally able to replicate the duping technique.


After fixing the bug that caused the duping we started banning all the accounts of the dupers. We also included the players that were traded/sold the duped items. Those who are innocent and didn't know it was a duped item will be banned but can easily appeal via the reports to release their accounts.


The duper was duping +18 weapons, ToS and premium scrolls. So after the fix the prices of premiums on the market should go back to normal from being too cheap.



We are still working on other updates at the moment. But personal life has been too busy to get them out on time. Rest assured we will be updating everything with the game in the coming few months.




Blaze GM Team