Make your dream of owning khan a reality!

by majidemo on Sep 20, 2020 - 1:44 PM CST

Hello Khanatics,

Because of other games we are working on, supporting players directly is becoming harder. And to be honest constantly dealing with the very toxic community has taken its toll on our mental health too.
We actually handle more than a 100 reports everyday and some take a lot of time to resolve.
So, we've decided to try a route where we'll only need to support the people who avails this packages, as they will be the one to support their own players.
This will give us more time to concentrate on new content and work on our upcoming games.


About the packages, we are offering you 2 choices. 1 for those who just wants to do it for fun, and another for those who are serious in running a server for a long time.
This service will be hosted by us but decisions, customizations will be up to you. You will support your own players. We will support you.
All income will be yours, we will not take any royalty or such.
You just have to pay a monthly fee to us because we will be hosting the server (datacenter rent) for you. All you have to do is customize your server it to fit your style (gameplay and rates).
You won't also have access to the server files but you don't need it anyway since you'll need technical knowledge to maintain it yourself.


Here are the packages:


  • Free server set-up within 48 hours
  • Free basic website (no rankings) & domain (
  • Free 5 days retention game logs (chat, item, trade, vending only)
  • Free lite management system
  • Free 50 registered users only (upgradable)
  • Choose between High or Standard exp/ki rates
  • 1 week delay of updates from Official KNG updates (yes we will still add new content and gameplay updates)
  • Minimal customization
  • Locked to 1 selected country
  • Data center in singapore.



  • Free server set-up within 24 hours
  • Free new website (with rankings) & custom domain (subject to availability)
  • Free 30 days retention game logs (chat, item, trade, vending and more)
  • Free full management system
  • Free 300 registered users only (upgradable)
  • Your own custom exp/ki rates
  • Upto date from Official KNG updates (yes we will still add new content and gameplay updates)
  • Auto scheduled events
  • Be able to sell character kits
  • Rollback system
  • Task scheduling system
    • Useful for supporting players.
  • Character item's search
    • Allows you to search for a specific item and see all characters that own it.
  • Character search by stats, hp, mp, golds and fame.
  • Fully customizable
  • Locked to 1 selected country
  • Data center in choice between singapore, americas, or europe.


Both packages also include:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Premium Fast Network
  • Highend hardware
    • Hardware is what limits the number of players online at a time, more needs higher spec.
  • No income sharing.
  • Manage your own players.
  • Customize your own server.
  • Set up your own premium items and prices.
  • 1 PVP channel
  • Cut speed limiter



  • Enable Auto Play (KNG Bot)
    • 1 time fee
    • You can have income from this for each character that will avail from you.
  • Migrate a character from official KNG Server (Blaze/Extreme) to your server
    • pricing per character
    • Note: Migrated character will not be available in Blaze/Extreme after the migrate.
  • We will design a custom logo for your server
  • We will design a custom website theme for your server.
  • Increase registered users limit
    • pricing per +100 additional registered user.
  • DDOS protection
    • 1 time fee
  • Enable your website to accept paypal payments
    • 1 time fee
  • Enable Shangtu map on your server.
    • 1 time fee
  • Enable rebirth on your server.
    • 1 time fee
  • Remove cut delay on your server.
    • 1 time fee
  • Additional channel
    • pricing per month
  • Open to another country
    • pricing per country per month
  • Khan Server Files
    • You get the files but there will be limited support so you'll need technical knowledge or someone who has. 


New Website Preview



Are we closing Blaze and Xtreme? NO, WE ARE NOT. Both servers will continue. But we would be willing to transfer ownership if a good offer is made for both servers.
This is the only way for us to keep on time with our target releases.

Games we are working on...

Heroes of Eurasia - a 3D mobile MMORPG we've been working on for the last 2 years. It is already further along the development process.
Khan World Rift - Khan Classic on mobile without the things that make Khan bad. Improved Khan.


If you are interested please click the blue chat bubble on the bottom right.
If you are interested in investing in our upcoming games just let us know too.

Thank you!