KNG Staff Wishlist 2020

by ladycharm on Dec 13, 2020 - 1:44 PM PST



Every December we are giving all KNG staff a wishlist for this coming Christmas.
This year wislist is 140 Set+21 of their own choice. If you want to buy their wishlist.
Just send a direct message to GM SidVicious


GM Name Sold To Set Name Server
GM Majid sriXon Ether Set+21 Blaze
GM ladycharm DarkHinata Thorny Rose+21 Blaze
GM Fatima jUsTcalLmEjPoY Ether Set+21 Blaze
GM Jogler04 TIDUS Ether Set+21 Blaze
GM SidVicious MostvVanteD Cherubim+21 Blaze
GM BOBHER kami Thorny Rose+21 Extreme
GM Tugrik rotlqlsk Cherubim+21 Blaze