New RB stats requirements (Final)

Feb 12, 2024 - 9:41 AM CST
Hello Khanatics!
Below are the new/updated stats requirements for RB.
  1. Updated Rebirth requirements (No more rush RB).
      - Going to RB1 no required max stats in order to Rebirth
      - RB1 going to RB2 required 1 max stats in order to Rebirth
      - RB2 going to RB3 required 2 max stats in order to Rebirth
      - RB3 going to RB4 and above required 3 max stats in order to Rebirth.
     -  RB11 up to RB20 required All max stats in order to Rebirth.
  2. Updated the rebirth fairies
    • RB1= Cyan
    • RB2= Pink
    • RB3= Blue
    • RB4= Green
    • RB5= Red
    • RB6= Purple
    • RB7 = Brown
    • RB8 = Yellow
    • RB9 = Sky Blue
    • RB10 = Sky Blue (Temporary)


Sample Rebirth Fairies
9th 1st
3rd 4th
Thank you and Enjoy!
-KNG Team