Recovery of Deleted Accounts

by majidemo on May 15, 2017 - 5:08 AM CST

Dear Khanatics,


Last february we had a major update on our systems. Along with that update we did some clean-up with the data. All accounts inactive for 6 months or longer was deleted.


Recently a few people decided to come back and to their dismay found out their accounts are gone. Well, DO NOT WORRY! Before we deleted your accounts we made back-ups just in-case something like this might happen.


But first we have to find your accounts from the backups to restore it. Which could take awhile. 


So for now, please open a report or email as at [email protected] and give us some information about the account you want to recover, specially the username or email address. Password is not important.


If your account has been restored you can use your old password for the account. We won't change it.


Thank you.


Blaze GM Team