Downtime compensation

by ladycharm on Aug 12, 2017 - 12:28 PM PST

Hello Khanatics!

We would like to apologize due to error in our latest back-up which we really tried to fix but no luck. Fortunately we always create back-ups 3 times a day. We decided to put the other working back-up which is 7 hours before the maintenance. It means all was rollback 7 hours before the maintenance.

Due to this very unfortunate event, we have decided to compensate the lost time with the following:

1. x3 KiBonus until Monday
2. Chaos Event from 5pm to 7pm (2 hours) and 10pm to 12 midnight (2hours) (Saturday)
    2-A. Chaos Event at 10am, 2pm and 10pm (Sunday)
3. SuperKi event from 8pm to 10pm (2 hours) (Saturday)
    3-A. SuperKi event at 11am, 3pm and 11pm (Sunday)
4. Max DropRate Event on Sib1, Sib2 and Sib3 (Saturday and Sunday)
5. Tugrik Transfer in the Services will be reduced to 2% for the whole month
6. Piso event on nuts from Saturday until Friday.
7. 2 days 120% KiBonus scroll is also available in premium NPC until friday.


Thank you for your patience.

This are all in-line with our vision to further improve Khan!