New Security Features

by majidemo on Aug 11, 2017 - 11:52 PM PST



To help prevent hacking of accounts we have decided to implement a guard code when logging-in from a new browser/device.


When you login from a new browser or device a guard code will be sent to your registered and verified email address. You will have to enter the guard code on the checkpoint after login. If you provide the correct guard code your account can be accessed from this new browser/device for 30 days.


Remember: Never give your guard code to another person. We (the GM) will never ask you for your guard code. Most likely, only hackers will ask you of your guard code.


To implement this properly, all accounts must have a valid working email address (gmail preferably).


Today, we have unverified all accounts so everyone can change their email address to a correct and working one so everyone can benefit from this new security feature (Guard Code).


  • Our next plan is to add the guard code to the game client too.


Blaze GM Team