Multi Attack Scroll Update

Nov 27, 2023 - 1:22 AM CST

Hello, Khanatics!


We have some exciting news that's set to revolutionize your PvE battles!


📜 Multi Attack Scroll - Now for Gold!

Great news! The highly sought-after "Multi Attack" scroll is now available for purchase at Wroclaw Fortress, and it can be obtained using gold!


🏰 Where to Find It?

Make your way to Wroclaw Fortress, a renowned hub for adventure and rare items. It is here that the "Multi Attack" scroll awaits you.


💰 Accessible to All

We believe in making powerful gameplay tools accessible to everyone. Now, your hard-earned gold opens the door to this formidable scroll.


🔥 Why "Multi Attack"?

The "Multi Attack" scroll isn't just another item; it's a significant enhancement for your PvE encounters. It multiplies your damage output, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks on monsters. This scroll does not work in PvP battles, making it a specialized tool for your monster hunting adventures.


🎉 Enhance Your PvE Experience

Prepare to transform your approach to PvE combat. With the "Multi Attack" scroll in your possession, you're set to experience battles like never before.


🙏 A Big Thank You to Our Players

Your ongoing engagement and feedback make all of this possible. We're eager to see how the "Multi Attack" scroll elevates your PvE gameplay.


Happy gaming and enjoy your monster battles with newfound power!

Your KSC Team