Rasp Drops Fame Items Again

Nov 27, 2023 - 7:17 PM CST

Hello, Khanatics!


We're thrilled to bring you a fantastic update that's sure to enhance your journey for fame and power in our world!


🐉 Lucky Rasp Monster - A Treasure Trove Awaits! Get ready for an exhilarating challenge! The legendary Lucky Rasp monster is now known to drop coveted fame items once again.


🔵 The Blue Sealed Slate: A Gateway to Power Among these treasures, the most sought-after is the Blue Sealed Slate. This rare and powerful item can now be hunted from the Lucky Rasp. When used, it envelops you in a surge of power, significantly boosting your fame points and elevating your status among fellow adventurers.


💥 Experience the Power of Fame: Harness the Blue Sealed Slate to grow your fame points and bask in the glory of newfound strength and recognition in our gaming community.


Mark Your Calendars for the Lucky Rasp Event: This is your chance to encounter the Lucky Rasp and claim your Blue Sealed Slate! Check the event calendar for the exact schedule of the Lucky Rasp event. Timing is key, so be prepared to join the hunt during these special event times.


🔍 Ready for the Hunt? The moment to boost your fame points has arrived. Seek out the Lucky Rasp during the event times and seize your opportunity to earn the prestigious Blue Sealed Slate.


Thank you for your dedication and spirit of adventure. We can't wait to see you rise in fame and power!

Happy hunting, and may fortune smile upon you in your quest for the Blue Sealed Slate!


Your KSC Team