Drop Rate Event This Weekend

Dec 02, 2023 - 9:10 AM CST

Dear Khanatics,


We are excited to announce our upcoming Drop Rate event happening this weekend! However, please note that there's an important update regarding the event mechanics.


🔍 Adjustments to Drop Rate Mechanics:

  • New Drop Rate System: We've made a significant change to how drop rates work. Now, if the drop rate is set to x3, each monster will drop 3 items instead of just 1. Similarly, a drop rate of x5 would mean 5 items per monster.
  • Event Drop Rate Set to x3: The event scheduled for this weekend was originally planned as x5. However, to maintain balance and fairness with our new mechanic, we have adjusted it to x3.


🙏 Our Apologies for the Change:

We understand this adjustment might be unexpected. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lowered rate. This decision was made considering the overall balance and fairness of the game, especially with the new drop rate mechanics.


🎁 Exciting Opportunity for Players:

This weekend's event still promises an excellent opportunity to collect more items than usual. Prepare to battle and gather a bounty of rewards as you take on monsters during the event!


🗓️ Mark Your Calendars:

Get ready for an epic loot-filled weekend. Make sure to log in, join the hunt, and take full advantage of the increased drop rates!


We thank you for your understanding and continuous support. Your feedback and experience are vital in shaping the world of Khan Online.


Happy hunting, and may fortune favor your battles!


Your KSC Team