Changelog 542 (Ingots, Warp & More)

Dec 05, 2023 - 1:43 AM CST


Hello, Khanatics!


We're excited to bring you a series of updates that are set to enhance your gaming experience in Khan Online.


1. Silver and Gold Ingots for High-Value Trades:

  • Back at NPCs: Silver and Gold Ingots are back at the NPC, specifically at Atze in Kharakorum.
  • Purpose: These ingots can be used for trades involving more than 2 billion gold coins, facilitating larger transactions in the game.



2. New Premium Scrolls in the Cash Shop:

  • Solo Warp Scroll: Warp to any map without using a portal or a teleport NPC.
  • Mass Warp Scroll: Similar to the Solo Warp, but this one teleports the entire party.
  • Character Warp Scroll: Teleport directly to a specific player, be it a party mate, a guild mate, or a friend, joining them at their exact location.


3. Skill Update: Disarm Trap Modification:

  • Change in Disarming Mechanism: The skill 'Disarm Trap' can no longer disarm skull piles, although it remains effective for disarming bombs.


4. Enhancements to Auto Loot Items:

  • Integration with Storage 3: When you have the new auto loot item and 3rd storage activated, you can open the 3rd storage in any map.
  • LOOTS Button on Autoplay UI: You can now open the 3rd storage directly from any map by clicking on the 'LOOTS' button in the autoplay UI.



📣 Stay Updated and Make the Most of These Features:


These updates are designed to streamline your gameplay, offering new ways to interact, travel, and manage resources in Khan Online.


We appreciate your continued support and feedback, which inspire us to keep enhancing the game.



Your KSC Team