Weapon Mastery Update

Dec 06, 2023 - 2:51 PM CST


Hello, Khanatics!


We're thrilled to announce a significant update to our Weapon Mastery system that's sure to enhance your combat experience!


🗡️ Weapon Mastery Now Boosts Damage:

Your dedication to a specific weapon type now has even greater rewards. We've enhanced the Weapon Mastery system so that it now adds damage to your attacks.


🛠️ How It Works:

  • Every time you engage in battle with your chosen weapon – be it an axe, sword, staff, or any other – you're not just defeating enemies; you're also improving your mastery over that weapon.
  • As you use a particular weapon type, your proficiency, or 'Weapon Mastery', increases. This means that every strike, every spell cast, and every enemy defeated contributes to your growing expertise.


📈 The New Bonus:

  • With this update, as your Weapon Mastery level rises, so too will your damage output with that weapon.
  • The more you use your chosen weapon, the more powerful your attacks become – making every swing, every spell, and every arrow count even more.


🎯 Why This Update Matters:

  • This enhancement to the Weapon Mastery system encourages specialization and rewards your dedication and skill.
  • It provides a tactical advantage in combat, allowing you to become a true master of your chosen weapon.


📘 Find the Details in the Guides Page:

For more information on how this updated system works, including the specifics of the damage increase and tips on how to maximize your Weapon Mastery, please visit the Guides page on our website.


We're committed to continually improving your gameplay experience in Khan, and this update is a testament to that.


Embrace your weapon of choice, hone your skills, and become a legendary warrior in Khan Online!


Your KSC Team