Rewarding our Avid Supporters

Dec 19, 2023 - 6:45 AM CST

Hello, Khanatics!


As the original Khan private server since 2012, we've seen incredible support from our players. To show our appreciation, we're excited to launch the monthly Top 5 Cash-In Rankings!


🏆 Monthly Top 5 Cash-In Rankings:

  • Recognizing Your Contributions: Each month, we will highlight the top 5 players based on their cash-ins. This is our way of thanking those who continually support Blaze Khan.
  • Exclusive Rewards for Top Supporters: Being in the top 5 comes with its perks! Depending on your rank, you'll receive special rewards, a token of our gratitude for your loyalty and support.


🔥 The Ranking Process:

  • At the end of each month, we'll tally all player cash-ins.
  • The top 5 players with the highest cash-ins for the month will be announced and rewarded.


💖 Our Gratitude for Your Support:

This new initiative reflects our appreciation for your support since 2015. Your dedication has been instrumental in shaping Blaze Khan into the game it is today.


🙏 A Special Thank You:

We cannot express enough how much your continued support means to us. From day one, you have been the heart of the original Khan private server, and we are deeply grateful for your unwavering passion.


Look out for the first monthly top 5 announcement, and thank you for being such an integral part of our journey.


Happy gaming, and here's to many more years of adventure in Blaze Khan!


Your KSC Team