A Guide to Holiday Hunt

Dec 19, 2023 - 3:26 AM CST

Greetings, Khanatics!


Gear up for a thrilling quest as we unveil the "Holiday Hunt," an adventure filled with challenges, mysteries, and bountiful treasures!


📍 Where to Commence Your Quest:

Begin your journey by seeking out the enigmatic NPC Cana amidst the bustling city of Wroclaw. Initiate contact by selecting the CHAT option in the context menu. Cana will entrust you with a crucial mission—your quest to retrieve scattered relic pieces.



🔍 Embark on the Hunt:

Embark on this epic adventure by defeating formidable monsters lurking across the realm to acquire these elusive relic pieces. Each hard-earned victory brings you closer to completing the sacred relic.

(All monsters in all maps)



🧩 Assembling the Sacred Relic:

Once all relic pieces are gathered, piece them together in the proper sequence, akin to solving a mystic puzzle. The correct arrangement is the key to unlocking its hidden powers.



🗨️ Return to Cana:

Return to Cana once the relic is reconstructed and engage in conversation once more. Should you succeed in collecting and aligning the pieces accurately, bask in the glory of your well-deserved rewards.



Claim Your Earned Spoils:

To ensure the seamless insertion of your rewards, take a brief hiatus and log out of your character for 5-10 minutes. Your hard-won prizes await upon your return.


🎉 Revel in the Joy of Discovery:

Prepare for an enchanting journey, filled with daunting monster encounters, the thrill of assembling relics, and the excitement of unraveling a concealed enigma. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Holiday Hunt and relish this memorable Yuletide saga.


🎄 Event Details:

The Holiday Hunt event is currently active and will persist until December 31st. Dive into this festive quest and savor the magical essence of the season!


🎁 Embrace the Holiday Spirit:

From all of us at Khanatics, may your holiday be filled with comradery, exhilarating challenges, and rewarding discoveries! Embrace the essence of the season and embark on your Holiday Hunt adventure today!


Happy Holidays, 
Your KSC Team