New Feature: Support Center

by majidemo on Feb 16, 2017 - 10:48 PM PST



The support center is now open for anyone with concerns or problems in the game. Some issues can't be handled at the moment as most of the tools used for tracing and monitoring aren't complete yet. Rest assured that we will do our best to help you.


To keep the support center clean and managable, we ask everyone not to flood reports. One report for one issue is enough. If we find anyone purposely flooding the reports we will have to ban your account for a week because you're disrupting service.


A few things have changed from the last website...


Guest Reporting

Guest reporting is now available for anyone who has a concern but doesn't have an account or can't access their account. You can leave a message with your email address and we will email you directly with regards to your concern.

Chat-like UI

The user interface is now reminiscent of a chat interface to make it more user friendly and familiar. 

Live Replies

Although this hasn't been completely implemented yet, this will soon be available in the reporting system. Aall replies are updated live no need to refresh the report thread just like your facebook chat.


With this new website and the new and upcoming updates to Khan, we are going to be more active in the community and make sure that all problems get solved.

You can visit the support center by clicking here or at the menu above . Suggestions are also welcome. Just open a report ticket using the concern: Other.


Blaze GM Team