by ladycharm on Jun 17, 2018 - 12:38 AM PST



We revised again the fame reward. To those Low Level and High-Level player who reached the following fame.

90k fame = level 90+20 weapon of choice (For LD players level 1-99)
90k fame = level 150+19 weapon of choice 
110k fame = level 150+20 weapon of choice
170k fame = level 150+21 weapon of choice 

Note: If you already claimed the reward for 90k or 110k fame in order to get the above reward you need to surrender the previous weapon reward. And also +19, +20 and +21 weapons when dropped is not a free loot. Once dropped kindly report immediately. The weapon is not transferable to other accounts. The weapon can be changed to other weapons for 3 times only.


To claim your reward. Kindly inform us at