Fixed: Character Create Bug

by majidemo on Feb 16, 2017 - 10:48 PM PST



With the recent updates, as usual, some things get broken. Although we do our best to fix everything, it took us awhile to realize that the character creation for newly created accounts had a problem.


Because the support center wasn't available yet, reports we're being posted to different GMs, groups, and pages some we don't always monitor. It took us almost 2 weeks to notice but today the bug is finally fixed. Newly registered accounts can now create new characters.


Hopefully other bugs will be noticed sooner with the help of the newly opened support center. If you find any bugs or problems with the game, please report it immediately.


We apologize to those who were affected by this bug. With the new website and the new and upcoming updates of Khan we will be more active in fixing bugs in the game.


Blaze GM Team