Server Maintenance #217 (completed)

by majidemo on Feb 17, 2017 - 3:49 PM PST



We will be restarting the servers at 1:00 AM CST or 3:00 PM Manila Time. Please log-out before the said time to avoid bugs/problems with your account.



  • Game Server: Added missing class field on character information table.
  • Website: Reports no longer gets duplicated on multiple submissions.


  • Website: Reports are now live. You can see if the other person is typing and you won't need to refresh the page to see the replies.
  • Website Administration: Confidential Update. (GM Only)


  • Website: Report threads now indicates if a user is online.
  • Website: Community Game Guides.
  • Website: Community Reward System. (Supporting Bonus)


Maintenance completed at 3:40 PM Manila Time. Server is now online.


Blaze GM Team