Update 481 ChangeLogs

Nov 03, 2018 - 9:53 PM CST



Today we are releasing update 481. It will be provided through the Khan Auto Patcher (upgrade.exe) but is also available as a full client installer through the DOWNLOAD GAME button found here on the website.



  • Blindness - Blinded characters can now use heal/buffs/debuffs and bombs.
  • Experience lost on death - Is now back to normal.
  • BL+Combo Insta Kill - Now only works for Backstab.
  • Level Gap Damage Reduction - Duel and Guildwar is no longer affected.
  • Guildwar Recon Stuck Spawn - Is now fixed. If anyone still gets stuck please make a report immedietely with details on how you got stuck.
  • New High Level Map - Has been added to the client. Please wait for further announcement on the details.


Tell us what you think about the updates through the reports system. More updates are coming very soon.


Thank you!

Blaze GM Team