Cut No More

by majidemo on Nov 03, 2018 - 1:53 PM PST



We have always allowed cut as long as the player use CE only cut. Unfortunately this has always been exploited and thirdparty cuts were made. Sometimes this 3rdparty progs can bug the game and cause headache for everyone. It is futile to try to detect the difference between a thirdparty and CE only cut. So to solve this problem once and for all...


Yes, you read that right. NO MORE CUT! AND ITS FINAL!


You'd ask:

  • Would we allow CE? NO!
  • Would we allow other thirdparty cuts? NO!
  • Any cut at all? NO!


But do not worry...


By popular demand from players, we are introducing a premium scroll based cut. And we're calling it...




With this multi attack scroll, your damage will be multiplied by 30 hits. No more animation cut needed, no more 3rd party programs needed. You don't have to set up anything. It just works.


The cut before was limited to 25 hits. Yes, there was a limit. You'd think it was going fast but it really wasn't. It was just an illusion. You can set your cut as fast as you can but the truth was, it is always limited to 25 hits. The only difference is, some cuts can't even reach the 25 hits per attack. So, yes, our multi attack scroll has more hits than the old cut. +5 more hits.


But this cut scroll will only work for direct attacks. It will not work for:

  • Heal
  • Bomb
  • Buff
  • Debuff

We have decided that those listed above shouldn't be cut'd. And any thirdparty programs will only get you banned.


We move forward for the betterment of Khan. It is time to move on from the old ways and start to bring khan to the future.


The price for the 7 days multi attack scroll x30 hits is 40 tugirks.


Good day,
Blaze GM Team