Introducing the Rebirth System

by majidemo on Mar 25, 2019 - 9:27 AM CST

Hello Khanatics,


A few weeks from now we will be introducing the rebirth system. What follows are the current mechanics and we'd like to hear your thoughts on this.


A new (2nd) NPC will be added to Shang-tu Arena for the Rebirth System.


Requirements for Rebirth:

  • Level 430
  • No equipped armors, weapon and accessories.


Fee for Rebirth: (first rebirth)

  • 10,000 fame.
  • 10,000 Shang-tu Arena score points. (points will be subtracted)


What will happen? Character will...

  • Go back to level 10.
  • Be sent back to Wroclaw.
  • Get 0.5% of HP and MP.
    • Sample: 5,000 for 1,000,000
  • Get 10% of all stats.
    • Sample: 1,000 for 9,999
  • Be cleared of all learned skills.
  • Get a special Spirit Guide.


For every rebirth; the fee and the results will change.

  • Fee increase +1,000 fame and points per rebirth. (max: 50,000)
    • Sample: 15,000 on 5th rebirth.
  • Level will be subtracted by -1 per rebirth but will stop subtracting at level 1. (min: 1)
    • Sample: Lv 3 on 7th rebirth.
  • Stats retained increases by +2% per rebirth but will stop at +30%. (max: 30%)
    • Sample: 26% on 8th rebirth.
  • Bonus HP and MP per rebirth increases by 300 but will stop at a total of +4,000. (max: 4,000)
    • Sample: Total of +1,716,000 bonus HP and MP at level 430 on 13th rebirth.


Let us know what you think through the comments below.



Blaze GM Team